Rustic LED Candles

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Rustic LED candles are a hot trend in home design this season. These pillar or votive candles have an artisanal appearance, with a slightly rougher texture that may even look chalky or frosted. This comes from the tradition of cold-pouring candles, which results in candles that have an outer layer with patterning. Using rustic candles gives a room or table setting an cozy, homey feeling.

Flameless rustic candles are available from better suppliers in many different colours, from classic ivory to reds, ambers and even ombre styles. Often these candles are used for special holiday displays – but they’re also perfect for everyday use.

Although rustic LED candles look handmade, they are available with programmable technology: set a timer to turn them on at a specific time, and off again when they’re no longer required.
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Varieties of Flameless Candles

When choosing a wholesale flameless candle supplier, be sure to select one that carries a wide variety of candle styles and colours. Basic candle styles include:
  • Tea light
  • Votive
  • Tapers
  • Pillars
Within each of these categories are many variations in size, color and even shape.
Your supplier should pay attention to design trends and be able to meet demand for the newest sensations. Recent trends include rustic textured pillars and votives as well as ombre coloured pillars.

Specialty Products

In addition, suppliers should make specialty candles available. Specialty is a catch-all category that could include a number of different types of candles, including:
  • Floating tea lights
  • All-weather outdoor candles for patio, poolside, deck and beach
  • Candles with integrated lantern, sconce, and glass holder options
  • Candles designed with specific holidays or occasions in mind.
And finally, make sure your supplier is in the vanguard of technological advances and carries a full line of programmable candles and remote controls.

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